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I have been a passionate collector of recorded music for 40 years. I have a CD collection that that I am told by a mutual acquaintance rivals that of Henry Fogel. I have not had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Fogel to check that out, but judging from his Fanfare biography, I’m close. That collection and all the reading that led to and resulted from its acquisition is the major source of my knowledge of the subject. My tastes are eclectic and cover all periods and nationalities, but preferences run to British, American, and French music from the late 19th- through the 20th-centuries. I also follow new music with great interest, and one of my greatest thrills has been serving as a member of the lay panel for the prestigious Grawemeyer Award for Music Composition. For my amusement, I also restore older recordings, commercial and radio broadcasts, as time permits.

Since I make my living outside of music, I will always have to approach reviewing from the perspective of an informed amateur. I am inclined to think that can be a good thing. Whatever the ultimate value, I am delighted to try to pay back some of what I owe to all the wonderful writers who have taught me so much over the years.

Really important information: I have been married to my wonderful, long-suffering wife for over 30 years, and we have three teenagers who still go to the symphony and opera with me. I listen to music on golden-age Carver components, Sony SACD player (not a DVD player that plays SACDs), and B&W speakers. No surround, but great sound.

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