Michael Cameron
Contributor Biography

Most of my life I have been a performer (double bass, orchestra, chamber music) and music professor, and those duties continue at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and in Chicago. My countless hours on stages and in recording studios give me a valuable and humbling perspective. Nine years ago I began my writing career in earnest as a free-lancer with the Chicago Tribune. After nearly 300 concert reviews for that newspaper and many others for other publications, I recently decided to add reviews of recordings to my activities—thus, Fanfare has taken me on.

I have my own set of preferences and pet peeves, but I’ll leave that to readers to decode. Because I’m an inveterate concertgoer, my perspective might be different from some music lovers for whom consuming music means only tuning dials and pressing buttons. I can be detail-oriented to the extreme, but I never lose sight of music’s primary value as a means to move souls, and the chief raison d’etre of music recordings: getting bodies to concert halls where the real magic happens.